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Review: Hue Smart Plug is another capable HomeKit-enabled outletrating

11/22/2019, 01:56:PM

The Hue Smart Plug is an expansion of the Hue lineup from smart bulbs into controlling lamps, one that brings the HomeKit-compatible range closer to becoming a whole smart home solution.


Review: Polk Command Bar is basically the Amazon Echo soundbarrating

11/22/2019, 09:51:AM

Polk's Command Bar is the embodiment of Amazon Alexa in front of your TV. With useful features such as a compartment for a Fire TV stick paired with good sound, the Command Bar is a solid option for Alexa users.


16-inch MacBook Pro review: The keyboard is probably enough to convince those waitingrating

11/18/2019, 07:05:PM

Welcome to the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. While it looks quite familiar, Apple's new flagship laptop moves the needle forward in a big way. We've spent the last several days taking the new Pro for a spin and can say that Apple has dutifully listened to users' feedback this time around. Let's talk about it.


Plugable Thunderbolt 3 NVMe SSD review: Just as fast as your MacBook Pro storagerating

11/12/2019, 09:00:AM

The Plugable Thunderbolt 3 NVMe External SSD is an easily portable NMVe solid state drive with blazing fast speeds that launched today -- and we've been using one for about two weeks.


Review: Master & Dynamic MH40 wireless reissue -- back to what started it allrating

11/12/2019, 08:34:AM

New York audio firm Master & Dynamic is celebrating its fifth anniversary by updating and re-releasing its very first headphones, the famous MH40. Here's what was special about them then, what's been added now -- and whether you should buy the new ones.


Review: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max one month laterrating

11/11/2019, 12:12:PM

Apple's iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max were released just over a month ago. Here's what all three of Apple's newest iPhones are really like after intensive, daily, real-world use.


Review: Seagate Backup Plus Portable isn't fancy, but will get the job donerating

11/10/2019, 09:17:AM

As we move into an area with higher resolution photos and 4K video, storage is more important than ever. We check out the 2019 Seagate Backup Plus Portable external HDD to see if it is up to everyday tasking in the home or office.


Review: Incase metallic AirPods case adds protection without adding bulkrating

11/09/2019, 04:10:PM

Throwing a case on a set of AirPods doesn't just add protection, but also some style to differentiate them. Incase's new metallic case is well thought out with a great look in a protective shell.


Review: BuddyPhones help protect your kids' hearing with built-in volume limitingrating

11/09/2019, 11:52:AM

If you've got a kid who loves listening to music, playing games, or watching videos, you've probably thought about getting them their own headphones. However, unsafe listening levels are no joke! That's why we're taking a look at BuddyPhones, kid-friendly, noise-limiting headphones designed to keep kids' ears safe.


Review: BentoStack PowerHub combines a Qi battery, USB-C hub, & storagerating

11/08/2019, 02:27:PM

Function101's BentoStack PowerHub attempts to be a one-stop shop for portable power, docking, and storage needs, but while it has its limitations, the stackable system still shows considerable promise for those who work on the go.


Review: Canary View is a well-designed smart home camera that screams for HomeKitrating

11/07/2019, 06:20:PM

With an attractive, modern design and some great AI smarts, the Canary View is a fantastic and affordable security camera that unfortunately lacks support for Apple's HomeKit.


AirPods Pro review: you don't need to be an AirPods power-user to appreciate themrating

11/07/2019, 12:37:PM

With active noise cancellation and other new features, Apple's new AirPods Pro does its best to embody the "pro" monicker affixed to the well-known name.


Review: Apple's Beats Solo Pro are the best Beats yetrating

11/06/2019, 12:23:PM

Apple has continued to refine the Beats brand with new designs and features. Beats Solo Pro is the latest incarnation of that effort, and does a great job pushing the popular brand forward.


Review: Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard is a delight to type on and a joy to look atrating

11/03/2019, 11:36:AM

Whether you're gaming or typing, a mechanical offers far better accuracy and an overall better feel than dome-switch keyboards. Keychron has made a Mac-friendly mechanical keyboard that has a few neat tricks up its sleeve.


Review: The new CalDigit Tuff Nano is a tiny beast of an SSDrating

10/31/2019, 06:03:PM

Accessory maker CalDigit is out with their latest -- and smallest -- storage option yet. The Tuff Nano is a rugged, portable SSD that fits a variety of applications.


Apple Watch Series 5 -- Review, one month laterrating

10/28/2019, 02:00:PM

It's been a month since Apple Watch Series 5 hit our wrists. So w're going to revisit our initial review after more than 30 days of daily use to see how the main features hold up -- including that always-on display, the integrated compass, and -- most crucially -- battery life.


Review: 'For All Mankind' is Apple TV+'s most captivating new seriesrating

10/28/2019, 09:04:AM

"For All Mankind," Apple's 1970's alt-history space program drama, is enthralling, and based on our viewing of the entire launch catalog of programming, it is the best new series to be included with the Apple TV+ launch.


Apple TV+ review: 'Dickinson' may emerge as Apple's signature showrating

10/28/2019, 09:03:AM

Hailee Steinfeld gives a true star performance in Apple TV+'s "Dickinson," where early episodes depicting the modernization of Emily Dickinson's life offer a promising start that could lead to so much more as the series and Apple's new service develop.


Apple TV+ review: 'See' is no 'Game of Thrones'rating

10/28/2019, 09:03:AM

"See" is Apple's stab at a high-budget post-apocalyptic dramatic series, meant to reverberate faint echoes of "Game of Thrones." Sadly, the table-setting for the show's future is akin to that of a slog, bruised by a concept that lacks the compulsion to seduce viewers out of the gate.


Review: 'The Elephant Queen' on Apple TV+ is absolutely stunningrating

10/28/2019, 09:02:AM

"The Elephant Queen," the first movie of the Apple TV+ era, is a gorgeous, eye-opening nature documentary that begs to be watched on the largest screen possible.